In Step Studio World Dance Our purpose is to promote understanding of cultures from around the world through dance, exercise, and music. Halimeda's Costuming Oasis with blue letters and palm tree

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Halimeda in orange dress at Bellydance Superstars show

Speciality classes by Halimeda include:

  • Middle Eastern Dance Basics as Aerobics - review at a fast pace!
  • Turkish Style Belly Dance - very energetic!
  • Zills with Basic Middle Eastern Rhythms Every Dancer Should Know
  • Improvisation to Live Drmmming (joined by Michaelis on dumbec)
  • "Old School Veil Work" - dancing with fabric with movements adapatable to any style
  • Using the 3/4 Lame Veil - lots of spinning
  • Selected Choreography - you pick the choreography, Halimeda will break it down, prepare the notes and teach it. Normally it takes 1 hour to teach 60 minutes of music for anything but the most simple of choreography. You video the group doing the choreography at the end of the class!

Specialty Classes by 'Aukai available include:

  • Hawaiian Dance Introduction for the Curious - basic movements using Hawaiian movement names, easy choreography!
  • Selected Choreography - you pick the choreography, 'Aukai will break it down, prepare the notes and teach it. Normally it takes 1 hour to teach 60 minutes of music for anything but the most basic choreography. You video the group doing the choreography at the end of the class!

Halimeda / 'Aukai - available for private lessons and speciality classes for groups. The speciality classes are designed to enhance a regular class schedule. They are not a substitute for weekly classes and rehearsals. Like private lessons, they are designed to be fun, energetic, educational and structured according the person setting up the class. Fees vary according to the type and length of the lesson. We have several teachers experienced in many types of dance and exercise.   Email Nancy Redig (aka Halimeda) or cell phone at (850) 509-4572. If no one answers the phone, please leave a message with your phone number and best time for us to call you.

Private Lessons and Coaching:

Private lessons and coaching for Hawaiian Hula, Middle Eastern Belly Dance, and Middle Eastern drumming are available again. Never stopped learning and are ready to bring our knowledge to you! These lessons are prepared for the specific level of each student or group of students. Prices vary according to the skill level required. Please call (850) 509-4572 to schedule or email Nancy Redig (aka Halimeda)

Performing Opportunities

There are two performing troups: Mau'oli'oli Dancers and Troupe Arabesque. The groups enjoy community and educational opportunities. All performers are drawn from the regular classes. Studends are never required to perform; but if they do decide to perform, there ARE requirements.  Information on performances is provided during class cool down and stretch out. Special rehearsals are called as needed.

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ARTS after School at 3510 Weems Road. The school is west side of the road. Come in through the double green metal doors at the top of the stairs. Go through 2 doors to the right (security for when kids are in class.) Turn left to hallway and go to the end. We are in the Karate Room with mirrors. I'm sure you'll hear the music. Please call (850) 509-4572 for additional detailed instructions.

To receive updates on classes, workshops and performances by e-mail, send an email to Nancy Redig (aka Halimeda) Email addresses will not be shared and you can opt out at any time..

Your privacy is important. In Step Studio and Halimeda's Oasis do not collect any financial information. Our credit card providers are etsy, Square and PayPal. Each has its own policy and we do not retain card information. We do retain addresses for shipping information; we rarely send snail mail general information. Halimeda's Oasis does retain email addresses from customers that chose to share theirs with us. We provide a news letter only to those that have asked and anyone can opt out at any time. Halimeda's Oasis/In Step Studio retain phone numbers for those customers that call for information; we only return calls when requested and do not do "cold" calls. Halimeda's Oasis/In Step Studio do not send text messages unless a question is asked and we only answer that question.

For more information on classes or performances, please send e-mail to Halimeda / Nancy Redig and add the studio name to the subject line.

Please send comments on this site to Webmaster and please add the studio name to the subject line. This will separate your inquiry from the tons of SPAM sent to the studio.

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