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The purpose of this studio is to promote understanding of cultures from around the world through dance, exercise, and music.
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Welcome to Our Web Site! A Resource for Ethnic Dance in Tallahassee, Florida

Troupe Arabesque at WBDC Hafla - January 2015

Halimeda / 'Aukai and her instructors have the longest established Middle Eastern belly and Polynesian dance classes in Tallahassee. Classes started in 1993 and continue weekly. In Step Studio was established in 1999 with Halimeda's Oasis starting in 2001.

Our knowledgable and enthusiastic teachers have traveled and studied internationally; they bring a wealth of experience unlike any other in the Tallahassee area. Classes are taught at the Dance Electric Dance Academy studio on Capitol Park Road, ARTS after School on Capitol Circle Northeast and at the Northwest branch of the YMCA on Fred George Road.

Class fees are paid either as walk in $10 per class or $90 gets a coupon booklet for 10 regularly scheduled classes taught by Halimeda or 'Aukai. Coupons can be used when you want. We accept cash, MasterCard,VISA, Discover, American Express, PayPal and checks if the check has your address printed on it. There are no hidden fees, no performance fees, no excuses just plain GREAT dancing!

Speciality classes by Halimeda available at your studio or ours include:

  • Middle Eastern Dance Basics as Aerobics - review at a fast pace!
  • Turkish Style Belly Dance - very energetic!
  • Zills with Basic Middle Eastern Rhythms Every Dancer Should Know
  • Improvisation to Live Drmmming (joined by Michaelis on dumbec)
  • "Old School Veil Work" - dancing with fabric with movements adapatable to any style
  • Using the 3/4 Lame Veil - lots of spinning
  • Selected Choreography - you pick the choreography, Halimeda will break it down, prepare the notes and teach it. Normally it takes 1 hour to teach 60 minutes of music for anything but the most simple of choreography. You video the group doing the choreography at the end of the class!

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